Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Catching Up - July & August

Our Summer Vacation at Lobster Fest in Key West!

Our cottage in Key West - if was AMAZING!

My SIL/BIL & Nephews also went (Will, Jeri & Zack)

The golf cart we used for scooting around Key West.

Livie, my nephew Luke (my brother John and SIL Mary and their son Luke also went - no pix of my brother and SIL...sorry!) and Sophie

Luke "in action!"

Nothing says "dinner" to kids more than fried dough!

What people eat in Heaven: Florida Lobster!

The pool at our villa

Sophie letting Chris know who is really the boss! LOL

Butterfly Conservatory

The Littles at the Southernmost Point

After one of Heminway's stupid 6-toed cats scratched poor Sophie. :o(


Chris and his cousin, Kaylee at Dwayne Wade's Basketball camp. This actually occurred before our vacation in the Keys, so you have to use your imagination! :o)