Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pearly Whites!

The first photo shows the effects of baby-bottle mouth. While Livie's was relatively mild (in large part since we adopted her when she was 18 months old), it was present for sure. She had numerous cavities and decay, the most obvious being that in between her two top front teeth. She was very aware of this, and would always try to floss it away (I sure wish it worked that way! LOL). Although we had been to one pediatric dentist to begin her treatment, the experience was a nightmare and ended with the wicked crazy woman dentist actually drilling on Livie without having given her any pain/numbing medicine.
After that horrid experience it took a couple of YEARS - yes, years - before I was able to sweat talk Livie into going back to the dentist. This time around we went to a pediatric dentist based on the recommendation of a friend. Our new dentist turned out to be FABULOUS, and did an amazing job on Livie's teeth. Livie still has one more appointment to go to in order to get her entire mouth completely healthy, but we are already so happy to see her new and lovely smile!


First Day of School

Chris (who refused to look at the camera!) - 5th Grade

Olivia (Kindergarten), Lindsay (10th Grade) & Sophie

Getting ready to go inside for her first day as a Kindergartner (poor kid is squinting due to the sunlight!)!

Livie takes her seat in her new classroom.

The first morning went off without a hitch. This year we have 3 kids at three different school in two different towns (Sophie is at home with me this year). This makes getting everyone to their assigned schools on time very difficult, so for this year Neil is pitching in to help and he is taking Chris to school every morning, while I take Lindsay and Livie to their schools.
After school begins the task of my picking up all three kids, a feat that literally takes me 1 1/2 every day! It is crazy, but we are hanging in there. While picking up the kids Sophie has used this time to take a nap (hey, whatever works! LOL), which allows me to listen to FOX without anyone whining for me to turn it to Disney Radio or 20 on 20 (this is at least the case until Livie gets in the car, and then my talk radio time is officially over!).
We feel very blessed with our children's teachers this year, and I have high hopes for each of the kids to have a wonderful year!


Our QB - At Least For A Little While

Although Chris has played flag football for several years now, this year marked the first time he played tackle football. To say I was nervous would be an understatement! But, he LOVES football. Eat. Sleep. Dream. FOOTBALL!
Chris' position was Quarter Back, and I was amazed how this same kid who, 5 minutes after taking a spelling test would forget how to spell 75% of the week's spelling words, could commit to memory numerous plays and how to execute said plays.
And so the first game came.
We were excited (ok, so I was more panicked than anything else, but I suppose that excitement was in somewhere in my vat of emotions).

Chris' personal cheering section

First series and thanks to Chris' amazing talent at QB (yes, I know I am biased!), his team scores a touchdown. And then they go on to the extra point......

......which after a DOGPILE did not work out so well for Chris.

And so my baby tough warrior is down on the field.

After the trip to the Pediatric Emergency Room he came home with his leg wrapped and we put him in an ice-water circulating pack. The following Monday involved a trip to the Pediatric Orthopedic where is was confirmed that Chris had a break at the growth plate in his ankle.
Three weeks were spent in a cast and although he got his cast off last Monday, he is still very tender and walking with a limp. Neil is taking him to the Physical Therapist on Monday, and hopefully we can have him up and around sans the limp very soon.