Friday, July 30, 2010

Blowing The Dust Off Of My Blog & Livie's Locks

Well, I guess 7 months of having abandoned my poor little 'ol blog is enough, and what better time to dust off the cob webs than with Livie's first REAL HAIRCUT.  Yup, after 6 1/2 long years of growing out her hair, with only an occasional trimming of the bangs, the time had come to really take some serious inches off of Livie's hair.  Since she honestly needed to cut about 6-8 inches off in order to cut her hair properly, Livie opted to go ahead and take the plunge and take 10+" off of her hair in order to donate her hair to Locks of Love.  In the end Livie cut off about 12+" of her hair, and the results are a ponytail of gorgeous jet black hair being mailed to Locks of Love in the morning, and one proud little girl who now looks soooooo stinkin' gorgeous and seriously 'grown up'!

Drum roll, please...

Hair measured and put in a ponytail....


Ta da!!!!................

Results: One proud little girl (who is feeling particularly gorgeous tonight!)!  And btw, have you ever seen such perfectly cut STRAIGHT bangs?!?!  Wow!


Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of our friends and family! May 2010 bring you much joy and happiness!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, USMC!

Happy Birthday to my father, Colonel G.E. Lindgren, USMC Retired, and to all of the other Marines and Marine Families.

Click on the link below to view an amazing tribute to those who sacrifice their own lives to keep us safe and free.

~ Semper Fi ~


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween Fun - Better Late Than Never!

This year found us celebrating Halloween (does one really celebrate Halloween?) all weekend long since it actually fell on a Saturday. Neil began by making Halloween Ghost cookies with the littles.

Friday night found us at our wonderful next-door neighbors, Noel & Jackie, for their Halloween Party blowout! We had such a wonderful time!

Noel & Jackie's pet monkey

The Love Guru (aka Neil) & Batgirl (aka Livie)

Cinderella (aka Noel & Jackie's adorable daughter, Mia)

Bob Marley (aka our neighbor, Filipe

Our neighbor, Jackie (Geisha), with another guest who was a cross-dresser of sorts (he cracked me up...right down to his exposed thong seen via the back!)

Our neighbor, Noel (Chinese Man) with The Littles


The following day we got ready and headed over to our best friends and my sister-in-laws neighborhood to trick-or-treat since we live in a more rural community where the homes are spread out and there are very few streetlights.

Sleeping Beauty (aka Sophie)


The Crypt Keeper (our adorable son, Chris...I'm such a proud mom! LOL)

Batgirl scores some candy

Not just any werewolf, but my husband, Neil! Neil found great delight in hiding in the bushes and behind parked cars and then randomly jumping out and scaring strangers. He eventually struck out without us to scare poor unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.

Tired after pulling in a lot of loot candy


Monday, October 5, 2009

Free Love's Journey 2 Book!

In 2004, Love Without Boundaries Foundation published the book "Love's Journey: A Collage of the China Adoption Experience." Parents from around the world submitted photos, essays, and poems about what their adoption experiences meant to them.
"Love's Journey 2: The Red Thread" is our second volume in this series and has over 250LJ2 Cover color pages in a beautiful coffee table style, hardbound book. This new volume uses the imagery of "the red thread," a popular belief in the adoption community, to show how our lives become entwined with our children's, as adoption weaves a beautiful tapestry of love and family. The moving photos and essays in this volume, again submitted by parents from around the world, talk about discovering the thread that connects us with our adoptive children, weaving the fabric as our children become integrated into our families, and cherishing the intricate tapestry that evolves.
LWB is giving its supporters an opportunity to receive a book for no charge, except for shipping, simply by telling others about our organization. To receive your book, please be sure to follow these instructions carefully:
  1. Post to your blog, Facebook, or other social media page regarding Love Without Boundaries (
  2. Make your payment of $5 for media mail shipping at:
  3. In the Notes section, be sure to indicate "LJ2 Shipping" AND include the link to your blog, Facebook, or other social media page so we can see your post.
  4. If you would prefer to purchase a book or would like to receive additional books, please visit the link in step 2 above and make your payment for $15 per book ($10 for the book, plus $5 for media mail shipping). In the Notes section, indicate "LJ2 Book and Shipping"
  5. U.S. shipping only. Please contact us at for a quote on international shipping or with any questions.
Thank you for helping spread the word about LWB and our efforts on behalf of orphaned and impoverished children in China.


Autumn Moon Festival-秋天中秋节

This year was the 5th year our FCC South Florida (South Florida - Families with Chinese Children) group celebrated Autumn Moon Festival with dinner at Miss Yip Chinese Cafe on South Beach in Miami Beach. Dinner was yummy and the company was excellent! Unfortunately, Neil and Chris were not with us this year, as Chris was playing in his first Miramar Optimist Football game since having injured his ankle several weeks ago. Although we missed "our boys" terribly, we were THRILLED to learn that Chris' team FINALLY won a game! Woot-woot-woot! Naturally, I chalk it up to the fact that Chris was injured in the first game, and this is his first game back. Look at what a contribution my amazing athelete makes to his team (yes, I am biased and yes, I feel this is acceptable since I am a PROUD MOM!!!)!!!!!

Our note that was attached to a balloon that was later released on Miami Beach

Me and "my girls"

Heading to the beach following dinner

I hope all of our friends - both those from Asia as well as our friends with children adopted from Asia - had a wonderful Autumn Moon Festival Celebration/秋天中秋节!