Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Kids

Sophie stikes a pose

Livie: AKA "Supergirl"!!!

The "Twins" ;o)

Off to dream about swimming under the ocean, handsome princes and fancy dresses...

...while her big sister dreams about never having to wear a "scratchy dress" again!

Lindsay and Chris fighting like cats and dogs playing...

Going in for "the kill" Playing with each other...

Chris escapes, leaving Lindsay to ponder how to corner him what game they can play tomorrow! ;o)

Pre-Kindergarten Graduation!

Livie has "graduated" from Pre-Kindergarten! Yup, I now have an full-fledged up-and-coming KINDERGARTNER! Livie's school's end of the year program was amazing. Her school put on a salute to Broadway that I must say, was no less than outstanding! Livie's class sung and danced to their rendition of "Big Girls Don't Cry" from the Broadway musical, Jersey Boys.

Livie before the show

Her class waiting for their turn to perform

Lights, camera, ACTION!

The grand finale!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Mother's Day Gift Arrives!

I had been waiting like a crazy woman patiently for my Mother's Day Gift to arrive. This is the gift I actually ordered for myself - LOL! Well, it finally arrived and I am SO THRILLED!!! Each pendant tile features the town/province that each of The Littles were born in. These are made by an incredible Etsy designer/artist named Dos Besitos. She has a HUGE array of adoption-related items for China, Korea, VietNam, Ethiopia and on and on.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Got Inked!

I got INKED, and not by a squid or a ball point pen!

For over 3 years I have talked about doing this. I had come up with the design. I even paid a deposit...A YEAR AGO!

Friday was the day. I finally got off of my wimpy-stool and did it! The design consists of two dragonflies and two ladybugs, connected by a red thread. The dragonflies represent Lindsay and Chris, and the ladybugs represent The Littles (Olivia & Sophie). As for the red thread, this was taken from the famous Chinese Proverb:
"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet,regardless of time, place, or circumstance.The thread may stretch or tangle,but it will never break."

It turned out exactly how I had hoped. No, it turned out BETTER than I had hoped!

Hanging Out, Mother's Day Continued & A School Play

Hanging out with The Littles
Sophie makes an umbrella out of a straw and lid...way to repurpose trash, Sophie!

Sweet Livie (in her CCAI Reunion tee from a year gone by...)


Mother's Day at Livie's School

Sophie & Livie at Livie's school. We were there for their Mother's Day Brunch. :o)

The moms and the kids

Hand-made Mother's Day gift from Livie. Of course she ate the chocolate flower (smile!), but I got to keep the flower-photo and vase...which is proudly displayed on my desk. :o)
Lindsay's End Of The Year School Play

Lindsay's (last one on the right) end of the year school play. She ROCKED, as usual!


Saturday, May 9, 2009


Here it is, Cliff Notes-style!

Celebrating our friend, Olivea's, 4th birthday with a party at her house:

Livie & Sophie on the teeter-totter

Livie having a blast! All moms please note that the fence and lake are actually quite a distance from just looks close in the photo.

Sophie changed into Little Mermaid dress-up clothes while at the party...every the Princess!
Vic got out of our fenced-in back yard after our gardener didn't latch our gate securely (I will say that our gate is a bit tricky). We didn't get him back until the following morning - almost 24 very scared hours later.

Vic, safe at home.
FCC South Florida Social Lunch. Fun, fun, fun!
The Littles

Back at home: I LOVE balloons!

Sophie's silly face!

Throwing the balloon up in the air!
Our neighbor, Lynn (who coincidentally is the aunt to our friend, Olivea, who just had the birthday...small world!), drove over on her ATV with her nieces, Alisa & Olivea, and then proceeded to let my kiddos ride on her 'cool ATV'! Thanks, Lynn!

Lindsay, Olivea, Sophie & Alisa

Chris goes for a spin.

Olivea, Sophie, Lynn, Livie & Alisa

Chris and Sophie spending some quality time with one another

Sweet Livie!