Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day Weekend

I admit it - I am a complete and total SAP for Valentine's Day! I hang out the Valentine's Day flag, put up the Valentine's Day towels in the guest bath, wear red and dress all those under *my control (read: The Littles!) in Valentine's Day outfits. I make a heart shape quiche and heart shaped muffins. Sprite is turned pink when served.

Well, you get the idea!

This year we began our Valentine's Day on Friday, and OT with Miss Roni. Livie continues to make amazing progress and it looks as though she will actually be discharged from OT sometime soon! Whooo-hooo! While I am so incredibly grateful to Miss Roni for all she has done for our Livie, I would be lying if I said I would miss driving 30 each way/2 times per week for Livie's OT. I am looking forward to *the light at the end of the [OT] tunnel*!

Livie at OT with Miss Roni

Livie using one of Miss Roni's scooterboards to work on some of her therapy here at home (and nothing is more fun than scootin' under the pool table!)

Who says OT is boring?!

Sophie ready for Valentine's Day


Friday night Neil and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner sans kids. No photos, but rest assured it was lovely :-)

Then on Saturday we headed off as a family to enjoy the Renaissance Festival here in South Florida. The place was packed with families and plenty of peasants, kings, queens, fairies and the like. Sophie enjoyed it (as long as food kept coming! LOL), but Livie did NOT enjoy this at all. One view of a guy in armor and that was it. Luckily her aunt and uncle happen to be there, and since they were leaving, Livie headed home with her Aunt Jeri and Uncle Hank (thanks, guys, for coming to Princess Livie's rescue!). Meanwhile, Neil, Lindsay, Chris, Sophie and I stayed and enjoyed the games, shows and 'people watching', which is a riot at this place!

Buying tix for the Festival (posh ticket booth, don't you think?!)

The majestic entrance (stop laughing!)

One of the vendors. Love the different scents you could use for making your own candle...I think "Monkey Farts" is my personal favorite!

Trojan Horse ride

Some children (none of whom are mine) with one of the millions of fairies. The photo really doesn't do her gorgeous costume any was stunning.

Neil & Sophie

Neil and Chris hangin' out with some of the village wenches ;-)

Neil and Chris prepare to play one of the carnival-style games

Chris tries his hand at Spear Throwing

Sophie after having run out of things to eat...tough life!

Lindsay getting a Henna tattoo (Chris is delighted that he has to wait for Lindsay to get this done!)

The work in progress

Ta-da (nice nails, Lindsay!)

And with that I will leave you with my ALL-TIME FAVORITE PHOTO of the day:

Yes, it is "The Smokin' and Drinkin' Monk"!
Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day as well!


Tammie said...

What a lovely day! I've heard all about the Rennaisance Fair for years but have never gone. (And at the rate Erin is going that isn't likely to change.) Love the pics!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I love all your Valentine's the very least I'm going to have to remember the pink Sprite for next year!
Your kiddos are beautiful!
Happy belated Valentine's Day!

Vivian M said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!! What wonderful news that Livie is almost done with OT!
Hoping you have many more Valentine's days this year (why should we celebrate it only once?)!

Nicole said...

Ok, the pic of the monk just cracked me up!!! Ha! Glad you all had a nice Valentine's weekend.


Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said... funny. I have been to that festival and the people watching is amazing like you said. That monk pic is classic!

Very cool that you enjoyed a little couple time sans children.

How cool that OT is almost a thing of the past...yay for Livie!!


AZMom said...

I LOVE Ren fairs but my husband is not so fond of them. I think next year I will take Bug and leave the boys at home LOL

Love all the V-Day pics too!