Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hanging Out, Mother's Day Continued & A School Play

Hanging out with The Littles
Sophie makes an umbrella out of a straw and lid...way to repurpose trash, Sophie!

Sweet Livie (in her CCAI Reunion tee from a year gone by...)


Mother's Day at Livie's School

Sophie & Livie at Livie's school. We were there for their Mother's Day Brunch. :o)

The moms and the kids

Hand-made Mother's Day gift from Livie. Of course she ate the chocolate flower (smile!), but I got to keep the flower-photo and vase...which is proudly displayed on my desk. :o)
Lindsay's End Of The Year School Play

Lindsay's (last one on the right) end of the year school play. She ROCKED, as usual!


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Vivian M said...

Happy belated Mother's Day!