Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beware of Bad Dogs

This weekend our son, Chris, was walking his dog, Ozzie. Ozzie is the most laid-back dog ever. He is happy-go-lucky and sometimes I swear I can see him smiling!

Wellll......while out walking the Ozzinator, Chris suddenly became aware of someone running up behind him. Just as Chris turned around he suddenly realized that it was in fact a dog running up behind him, and before Chris knew what was going on, this evil-jerk-of-a-dog BIT Ozzie on his right hind quarter! Ozzie let out a huge yelp, and somehow yanked back with such force that he managed to come out of his collar. At this point Ozzie is trying to get away, and this dog is literally going after our little white powder-puff with annihilation on his mind. Chris was hitting the offending demon dog with Ozzie's leash, and kicking the dog to try and get him off of Ozzie.

Evidently the owner's teenaged son heard the commotion and came out and was able to get his dog off of Ozzie.

Chris walked Ozzie back to the house and poor Ozzie was just a MESS (red blood tends to look REALLY bad up against snow-white fur!). Chris, was also a mess as the attack was very, very upsetting and scary. Luckily Chris was not physically hurt in this instance, but he was beyond a doubt, emotionally hurt. He felt terrible about what had happened to Ozzie (multiple bite wounds), and that he was unable to protect him. Poor kid. Chris is just 10 years old.

Neil went to the house to speak with the owners, and rang the bell at their gate, but alas, the owners did not come to the intercom or to the gate to speak with Neil. I am REALLY hot about this. Due to construction on their property their back gate was left open, and their dog got out and attacked my dog, scaring the living daylights out of my son. Then, they did not have the compassion to answer Neil's call?! Unbelievable.

On a positive note, I think Ozzie will be fine. He has a few good size puncture wounds, but thankfully no tears or rips. He is in pain, but I am giving him some medicine to help with that, while keeping his wounds clean. Below is a photo I just took of the little guy. He is still pretty drained and had hopped up on one of our wing-back chairs to nap on a pile of CLEAN laundry I was getting ready to fold (silly doggie!).

Great neighbor, huh? Geesh.



Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Oh my goodness Mary!!! I am so upset that Ozzie got hurt and Chris had to experience such a scary attack. Huge hugs to both of your guys.

Tammie said...

Please tell me you are not taking this poor behavior!!! You need to call the police & file a complaint against the attacking dog & his careless owners.

My heart goes out to Ozzie & Chris. Neither your sweet dog nor your sweet guy should have had to deal with any of this!


Ladyblog said...

Poor Ozzie!
Mary, I hope you are going to call animal control so that the incident is reported. they may even make the owners quarantine the dog. My oldest son was bitten by a German Shepard years ago. It's so NOT funny and I don't understand why people have mean dogs.... hope your pooch is better....

Candy said...

I am so sorry to hear about Ozzie. I'd be knocking down that door of your neighbors. I assume you found out if their dog has had it's shots? It must have been just awful for Chris to see this happening. I'm grateful that nothing happened to him. I hope the neighbor will pay you back for the expenses incurred.

We5Chois said...

Hey Mary,

Give Ozzie & Chris a big old hug from us. I have been in and around enough dog fights over the years and they are never pleasant for anyone involved.

In defense of the other dog, which I know you don't want to hear, my dog TK is the sweetest guy loving pooch ever with people, but show him another male dog and he is not nice at all. Of course, I know this and do my best to keep him away from other dogs all the time. I certainly would not run away from my responsibilities though, that is just not right. The dog knows no difference, but the owners should know right from wrong!
I am so sorry for poor Chris and Ozzie - Ozzie looks so forlorn, I just want to scoop him up in a hug.

Kristin said...

Poor Ozzie and poor Chris. I hope both recover from this experience. Hugs to everyone---

Vivian M said...

It's obvious that at least the teenaged son knows what happened and refused to come to the door. I would call the police and/or animal control and file a claim. I would hate for this to happen to anyone else's pooch or kid(s).
I hope Chris and Ozzie get well soon. Huge hugs!