Wednesday, September 10, 2008


OK. I know I will be 'dating myself', but don't you remember "The Ice Cream Man"?!?! Think back...way Summertime in the late '60's to mid '70's. Remember hearing that bell? Remember FREAKING OUT and SCREAMING at your mom for money?! Did you ever *miss* the Ice Cream Man only to jump on your bike (a gift from 'Santa' via the Sears and Robuck Catalog!) and CHASE the Ice Cream Man down like some type of bizarre stalker?!

Well, I had a HUGE childhood flashback today! The Ice Cream Man was on OUR street! Now my kids have never...and I mean NEVER...seen the Ice Cream Man come into our neighborhood, nor have they ever bought ice cream from one of these Vintage Vendors. How is it then, that upon hearing that oh-so-familiar cheesy music, Lindsay and Chris jumped into HIGH GEAR and were seemingly jet-propelled - money in hand - out our front door and towards the street?!?! Equally bizzare is the fact that following close behind them were Livie and Sophie (no money in hand, but with sad, begging faces which their older siblings couldn't resist!).

The Ice Cream Man *hit* our house at 6pm...right before dinner. Who am I to say 'no' to this childhood right of passage? Looks like ice cream for dinner tonight...leftovers tomorrow!



Candy said...

I remember the ice cream man, very well. We used to chase him down the road, if he got away before we made it outside.

Tammie said...

You are an AWESOME mom! Ice cream for dinner!? I'm moving in. And so is Erin!

You're right. I can actually remember the Good Humor Man coming down our block in Brooklyn. My cousins Steven & Craig would spoil the heck out of me. Coconut ice cream bars every day of summer. Yummy!

Kristin said...

My kids have never seen the ice cream man! If he drove down the street, they would have no idea what to do. How cool that you have this experience in your area. I wish we did!!

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Well, I would think that Miss Lindsay definitely saw the ice cream man regularily in our old neighborhood. He was a daily staple and since she and her bff spend a lot of time got the picture. Love the pics!!

BTW, why isn't the ice cream man frequenting your hood?

Lori and Pete said...

That's the nicest ice cream truck I've ever seen. The ones in our town only frequent the poorer neighborhoods and look pretty scary. I think they sell more than just ice cream out of them (if you know what I mean).

At least you had a positive brush with nostalgia.

Lori W

Heather said...

We used to have the ice cream man, but he never comes to our neighborhood anymore, too many older kids - my poor kids ask for him all the time. DO you think there is a way, we can call in the ice cream man???

Very cute post.


Margaret Miracle said...

Brought back wonderful memories of my childhood. I can still remember hearing the music calling to all the neighborhood children when the truck was 2 streets over!!! Thanks for the sweet memory!

Vivian M said...

My dad was an ice cream man for awhile in Long Island, and we used to love ride in the truck with him (and beg him to make the kids run a little bit more!). I know, we were awful.

AZMom said...

that is very cool!! We haven't seen an ice cream truck in years!

Your daughter is adorable :-)

--AZ Mom also mom to a Hubei honey