Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Quick Synopsis Of A Weekend

Friday night Neil and I decided to go to a local Italian Restaurant which has been in business for years, and has an excellent reputation. Well, let me remind you that we live in South Florida, known for The Beach, Flamingos and Retirees! The restaurant in question is also across the street from a large....and I do mean LARGE...retirement community of about 60,000 people (yes, you read that number correctly! LOL). Evidently Friday night is a big deal at this particular restaurant, as they have a live band (band members have a median age of about 75) who entertain patrons with songs from The Big Band Era. While it definitely wasn't what we were expecting, I have to admit we had a BLAST!

I hadn't expected a bloggie moment, so I hadn't taken my camera (big mistake!). The photo of the restaurant (below) was taken with my cell phone. At any rate, what a dinner it was!

Saturday morning had us at Chris' flag football game (his team won!). I'll try to upload photos later since I took a different camera with me and haven't uploaded those photos yet.

Following the football game Neil took off with Chris for Tampa and the NFL Experience.

Later in the afternoon Lindsay, Livie, Sophie and I all headed off to Chinese Cultural Classes. This was Lindsay's first time joining us, and she had a blast with her little sisters!

Sunday morning is reserved for worshipping God and spending time with our brothers and sisters at Church. Neil and Chris came home later in the afternoon after what they tell me was a wonderful time.
It was a fun and packed weekend. Hope you all had a great weekend too!


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Vivian M said...

Wow you sure know how to make the most of a weekend! Happy Chinese New Year!