Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wow. I haven't updated my blog since December 31st! Oh my. Well, my apologies to everyone in bloggie-land! Life has a way of getting busy, and before you know it you're thinking, "Hmmm...I don't think I have updated my blog in a while!" Ooops! So, in an attempt to bring everyone at least somewhat up-to-date on the doings of my family in the past 2 1/2 weeks, I will share with you all some photos of recent 'doings' from our family (presented in random order, as is the case with my mind these days!):

Chris at the Franchise Convention on Miami Beach...posing with his ultimate hero, the main character from the xBox Game, Halo.

Livie (2nd from the right) and Sophie (4th from the right) at Chinese Cultural Classes.

Our group from the FCC-South Florida group, who participate in the Chinese Cultural Classes.

Livie and Sophie sharin' some lovin'!

The beginning of our official potty training! Sophie sportin' her JoJo BIG GIRL PANTIES!

Livie eating some yummy Chinese food at the Franchise Convention!

Livie and Sophie hanging out at the Convention.

Lindsay and one of her BFF's, Madison, at the Sunset Tan Booth at the Convention.

A glimpse of our booth (LA Sunset Tan) at the Miami Beach Convention Center.
Since the Holidays wrapped up, we have been super busy with School, work and life. Throw into the mix Neil's Franchise Show for our biz, and life has traveled at 55 mph at least!
We hope all has been going well for all of our friends and family, and that 2009 blesses you all with tremendous joy and happiness!


Kristin said...

Check out my blog! I have given you an award. :-)

Vivian M said...

Happy 2009 and wishing you the best of everything!