Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lindsay now has a job (for the summer, anyway). She is working for Neil in 'the family biz', which is guaranteed to ensure she goes to college since who really wants to take over the family business?!?! Now that she has a job and a paycheck, the next step was a checking account. Lindsay is putting 1/2 of her earnings in her checking account and 1/2 in her savings account. In approximately 5 days she should receive her debit card.

Looking over the bank documents

Getting started on her checkbook

Lindsay (who is now on the cell phone and refusing to take any more photos...bratty teenager!) with her dad, Neil

Wow. They grow up so fast!



Tammie said...

Congratulations to Lindsay!! A checking account is a really big step in life. (BTW, I recognize the bank setup & congratulate you on the choice you made. ;-o)

I tell all of the students that open their first account that I know they won't want to go to their parents for help with balancing their statement the first time or 2. It's just a point of pride with them. I offer to help them learn how to handle their accounts. I went off to college & knew that if you had checks, you could write checks. Did you notice the step that was missing? My poor parents! They forgot to show me how to handle money. Big Oops!

Anyway, I know that you & Neil will be there to help Lindsay through this new stage. OTOH, if she wants an objective person to help, you have my number.

I love that you took pics of this day also!

Mary said...

I know that you KNOW which bank this is at! Though due to our business we have accounts at 4 other banks, this was definitely our choice for Lindsay. All went great, and with on-line banking she should do just fine (much easier than when we first got checking accounts!).

Vivian M said...

Congratulations Lindsay on your new job and new account!

AZMom said...

That is awesome. Wow. They do grow up fast!

Regarding the comment on my blog: Isn't it wonderful to have a connection with our children's foster families??? I was in tears so much this past weekend. BB is so happy to have that connection too. We do have my daughter's foster mother's mailing address. I need to get a letter translated and pictures sent to her. I have now seen first hand how much it means to these women. It was such an emotional & hectic weekend but wow, was it worth it!!!

We5Chois said...

Congratulations on the new account and the new job. I cannot believe you are the same cute little girl I met back in 2004. You have grown up and blossomed into a beautiful and amazing young lady.

Good luck with everything,we are very proud of you. Just be careful,it is always easier to spend money than earn it.

BTW: I know I told you already, but I love the new hair color.

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Oh...I remember my first checking account. What happened to the little girl that went to China bring Livie home? I can't believe how grown up she is. Beautiful! Where does time go???

Hope all is well in your corner of the world! :)


Duchess of Lanier said...

Congratulations on family-a-versaries for your little ones! as well as your other milestones.

Love those map charms! Thanks for the link.

Was hoping to see photos from a cruise and live vicariously through your fun at sea ;)

Happy rest of the summer,