Friday, June 27, 2008

My Biz

When we began our last adoption, I decided that the time had come to really buckle down and do whatever I could to help raise the funds which would be needed to bring Sophie home. Thus, I set out to clean out our over-stuffed closets and sell our treasures on eBay. This proved immensely helpful, and since then I have continued, with funds going towards an upcoming family vacation.
Currently, I am also now helping a dear friend of mine who is cleaning out her own over-stuffed closets as they prepare to move from here in South Florida to Shanghai!
Please take a peek at the items I have on my eBay site, in addition to some gorgeous Chinese outfits and shoes which I have opted to place in a DropShots folder. The prices of alll of the items in the DropShots folder includes USPS 1st Class shipping to the US. For shipping outside of the US I will email you a quote. If you are interested in any of these items, you may simply email me, being sure to include which item it is you wish to purchase and I will email you an invoice for your purchase.
Thanks to everyone as you help me to clean out my dining room, which is now STACKED with a ton of stuff! LOL

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Vivian M said...

You realize that I am probably a power buyer at this point? LOL!!