Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Princesses, Haircuts and All Things Disney

In my attempt to 'catch up' on sharing some prime moments of this past year, I thought I would share our Spring Break trip to Disney World. This was Sophie's first trip to Disney, and although I have been to Disney countless times, seeing it through the eyes of a 2 year old who is seeing it all for the very first time is, well, magical!

Princess Aurora meets some REAL princesses!

Livie & Sophie with Cinderella

Belle with our 'little ones'!

Sophie & Livie (who is sitting in the Dragon's mouth!)

Princesses from China...and one hot and tired mom!

It's a small world, afterall!


Sophie's first *real* haircut (1st actual haircut was courteous Aunt Jeri!)

Complimentary Minnie Mouse Ears from The Main Street Barber Shop!

Livie gets in on the action with a Pixie-Dust hairstyle!

I am sure you are wondering, "Where was the rest of your family?!" Well, Neil had to work and so I headed off to Disney with the 4 kids. Let me say right here and now that obviously I am NOT a very wise woman! Not wanting to slow Lindsay and Chris down from all of the 'fast and scary' rides they like, I let Lindsay and Chris head off to ride the rides by themselves, thinking it wouldn't be any problem to take the girls - ages 4 and 2 - on the various *little* rides by myself in 90 degree temperatures!

Yes, the little ones had a blast and I single handily went through a small bottle of Advil due to a never ending backache (carrying Sophie quite a bit and having to lift Livie, who struggles with delayed gross and fine motor skills, on and off of rides) and a non-stop headache due to the heat and humidity. It was hard work, but the girls had a blast and the kiddos having fun is what it is all about! Since Lindsay and Chris were off on their own (lucky ducks!) no photos of them, but I promise they had a wonderful time, too!



Vivian M said...

What fun! And how cool that the girls were not afraid of anything. You are a way cool Mom, even if you have to take painkillers!

Kristin said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe you took the little ones alone---and have pictures to prove it! So glad to hear everyone had a great time! My big kids would have taken off too if given the chance. Well, Katie would have stayed to meet the princesses and then left! We love Disney and hope to get back south again sometime soon.

Tammie said...

Oh my. Disney for you & all 4!? You are one brave woman. Of course, I know that Lindsay & Chris really are super helpers when it comes to their little sisters.

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Lucky ducks indeed and boy oh boy Mama; you are awesome!!

C&A said...

Love disney!