Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Speech Therapy, Football & A Hoochie Mama

The end of the school year brought about the end of Livie's Speech Therapy (via the EIP/IEP program). We will pick up again in August. Livie might not have gained much in regards to Speech Therapy, however she did grow leaps and bounds in regards to being in a classroom setting with a teacher and not having good 'ol mom within eyesight! The first couple of times at Speech Therapy poor little Livie did her typical tremors/shaking, but after that she became so much more confident and secure with leaving mom (who waited in the school office) and heading off to Speech Class. Her Speech Therapy Teacher is amazing and we feel so blessed to have her working with Livie.

Livie & Mrs. Williams

Chris (on far left)

Chris has played Flag Football for the past year. This last 'season' his team actually were 'co-champions'! Now, while I have never heard of co-champions, I have since learned that this is the title bestowed upon two teams who, after playing a double-header, go into over time not once, but TWICE, in order to try and declare a champion. In the 2nd overtime the hot and extremely tired 8-11 year olds begin making mistakes and injuries begin to happen one-after-another. Hence, the decision to stop after the 2nd overtime and declare both teams champions!

Chris LOVES, LOVES, LOVES all sports, and in particular all things related to football! He has now played for about 3 years and is really pretty good! My family is a football family by nature (Chris' daddy is a football 'nut' and HUGE Miami Dolphin's fan, his brother actually works for Florida State University's Athletic Departments namely the Football Program, my brother played H.S. football, my dad played H.S. and College football and my Grandfather played football for Knute Rockne's Notre Name's Fighting Irish's Championship Team in 1924 (my grandfather started for the defense...Wilbur Eaton)

Chris (on far right)

Chris & his team (The Chargers)

Sophie is a 'Shoe Queen'! I have never quite seen anything like it! In particular, Sophie LOVES high heels! I found these flip-flop style shoes at Payless (a size 6-7) and although she is a size 4-5 (yes, she is STILL a peanut and although she is now 2 1/2 years old (30 months) she is now JUST going into a size 5 shoe! She wears these shoes ALL OVER the house, but I must admit that I draw the line with her wearing them outside of the house. :-)

Sophie in her Hoochie Mama shoes!

Hoochie Mama shoes up close!

Every Princess MUST wear high heals!


C&A said...

I love thoses shoes I have a million pair. My daughter thinks I am crazy but I love shoes! Any shoes not like high priced ones even BOGOF shoes!

Anonymous said...

Too funny about the shoe queen. Hana was (and still is) a shoe queen. No shoes, especially my high heels, are safe. I usually find them on her, and she walks surprisingly well in them.

Vivian M said...

Kerri has lots of shoes too, but she is always bare foot. Go figure.
Congratulations Chris on your co-championship! And Congratualtions to Livie on finishing your first Speech Therapy term/session!

Kristin said...

A girl after my own heart! I love shoes! My kids think I'm crazy.

Candy said...

I just love the hoochie mama shoes. Rachel loves to wear my high heels. Livie looks so grown up next to her teacher. It's amazing how quickly these kids grow.

Tammie said...

Yay! to Livvie on all of her hard work! It's always nice to be working with a sensitive & caring therapist.

Shoes? You may have the Hoochie Mama of Shoes, but I have Imelda Jr. living with me! Thank G-d for Payless Shoes & their BOGO program!

Congrats to Chris & his team on their success this year!