Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Little Therapy Is Good For The Soul...

...and for improving sensory awareness, and for improved coordination and for self-esteem!

Livie has, in a very short period of time, benefited SO MUCH from her twice-a-week Occupation Therapy sessions with 'Miss Roni'! I must admit that way-back-when I was a complete *Doubting Thomas* as to the benefits of OT, and dismissed talk regarding Sensory Integration issues (AKA Sensory Processing Disorder) as a bunch of who-ey. To my shame I will tell you that I was spoken to by other people on a number of occasions about what they saw in my child. From Livie's outstanding Pediatrician, Dr. Liang, to members of our FCC-South Florida group (namely Jean, Lori and Kim...and Kim must have spoken to me about 4 or so times, bless her heart!), others saw that what Livie needed went beyond the diagnosis of 'Mild CP', and may in fact have more to do with Sensory Integration issues.

Well, in June of '07 we brought home our caboose, Sophie, from China. Livie is (almost to the day) 2 years older than Sophie, and yet I was SHOCKED to see tht physically, and in many ways emotionally, Livie and Sophie were on the same level. Actually, Sophie was really ahead of Livie. I began to see what others had been saying! Finally, after much prodding, I took Livie to be evaluated. I was able to watch the evaluation from the other side of a one-way-mirror, and was amazed and quite frankly, saddened by the reality of my baby and her abilities. Without boring you with what Livie could and couldn't do (suffice as to say she couldn't do more than she could do), there was no denying that Livie needed help, and I knew without a doubt that Miss Roni was the perfect person to help Livie!

In just over two months Livie has improved so much that it amazes me! I can not sing the praises of OT, particularly with a therapist who specializes in Sensory Integration. While I believe that some of Livie's SI problems are a direct result of neurological issues, I also believe that many of them stem from time spent in China. While some children may experience SI issues as a result of a lack of stimulation, I believe - having met Livie's Foster Mother (who ADORED Livie to the fullest measure!) - that many of Livie's issues are more likely due to the fact that Livie's Foster Mother doted on Livie 24/7, carrying her everywhere! I doubt that Livie's little feet touched the ground very often, as this petite woman would carry Livie to and fro. Unfortunately, this might have - when combined Livie's neurological issues - created 'the perfect storm' regarding Livie's development.

Here are some photos of some recent 'playtime' spent with Miss Roni:



Vivian M said...

You know what I love about these pictures? That Livie is having FUN! It reminds me of Kerri's therapy, she knows why she is going, but she is having so much fun there that she is totally receptive and open to it. That's a sign of a great therapist/patient relationship!
And I am glad you listened to your friends :o)

Tammie said...

I'm so happy to hear that Livvie has made such progress! Yay for her!

Kristin said...

Wonderful news about Livie!! I have taught many kids with sensory intergration issues. OT really does help. I wish I could get Abby into OT. Not so much for sensory but for body awareness. The girl is as clumsy as the day is long. She can fall over her own feet just walking on the floor!! So I do what I can with her knowing what little I know about OT. Maybe that will help her some.

Keep us posted on Livie's progress. :-)

JShannon said...

Hi Mary,
I dont know if you remember me from the CCAI group but my daughter has mild CP and has come a looooong way with PT,OT and speech.

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Bravo for Livie for her great progress and for you for recognizing what your daughter needed and acting on it. Also, Kudos to Miss Roni; I love that woman!

a Tonggu Momma said...

How could I have missed this post? Especially since I linked to your previous one on Sunday!

Our Tongginator received OT for a long time. And we still provide her with a sensory diet, which we tweak every 3-6 months or so.

After three plus years of hard work, can I just tell you that the difference is like night and day? Kudos to you for beginning therapy with your daughter! It's a scary thing sometimes - admitting it's needed - but what a difference it can make!

CC said...

This is the rock'inest OT area I've ever seen!! Awesome!!!