Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Please Pray for the Kreuers

Today I received terrible news regarding another adoptive family. The Kreuers daughter, MJ, passed away following a terrible accident at the family's home here in Florida. Like us, the Kreuers are a CCAI family, and Carrie (MJ's mom) and I have spoken regarding our girls and their sn's. I know just how blessed Carrie felt to be MJ's mom, and I just can not begin to imagine the pain Carrie, her husband and their other children are experiencing at this time. Below is the email I received regarding MJ's passing. Please hold this family in prayer as they grieve the loss of their sweet princess.

Hi this is Carrie's friend and I know this my not be a good way to give this sort of news but I know so many of you spoke with Carrie on line and in yahoo groups so we did not have phones numbers and such but wanted to let you all know the horrible tragedy that happen to their sweet girl MJ. On Friday evening MJ was picking up toys from around the pool area at their home Carrie was just outside the door letting their dog out and Carrie heard a loud noise when she turned around MJ was laying on her back with part of her legs into the water. The pool deck was wet from rain . In the past 6years I have been very close with Carrie and her family and I can tell you from just being around MJ she falls very easy sometimes probably due to her CP and her balancing issues. Although Carrie did not see her fall the Dr's have concluded that she must have slipped and fell and hit the back off her head. Carrie ran to MJ and picked her up and MJ eyes rolled back into her head she immediately called 911. MJ was air lifted to Shanes Hospital in Gainsville and they did a emergency Craniotomy and stopped the bleeding. They also had to do a right front lobeectomy due to the increasing swelling off the brain. The family just could not understand that a fall like this could injury MJ in this way. The Dr said due to her Malnutrition from China that she was had very fragile bones, skin and even veins and artiest and it is almost like when you are an old person how fragile they are and how easy it is for them to injury their bodies. After three days MJ just went on to be with our Lord in Heaven and Carrie has been in a extreme amount of depression and is really having a hard time coping. Please pray for them and if you would like to send a card their address is
4324 SE 26Th terrace Road
Ocala, Fl 34480
the funeral will be this Saturday at their home Church in Ocala.
Central Baptist Church.
If you try to call I am not to sure she will answer-the Doctors have been sedating Carrie and she really is not herself at this time. I really know most of you know this but Carrie's Children are her life, Children are her life she is a 4 year old Sunday School Teacher and works with Children on Wednesdays night as well at our Church. She as a Nurse has worked with children in the past and just has a way I can explain with them. Out of all the children Mya their 8 year old has taken this the hardest and we have a Christian counselor ready to come into the home and do some counseling with them. Please just continue to pray for them and don't hestited to email her I have been reading her emails to her and although she just crys I know they mean a lot to her.
Thank you for being supportive Friends to them
Niki-Carrie's Friend
PS if there is anyone else you know she speaks with please fwd this email to them, I am not sure if this list of friends on her email is all of them and I don't have the password on her blog to post anything at this time!


Vivian M said...

Mary, is this the same Carrie who has a blog called "Our ladybug of love"? I am dreading your answer.

Mary said...

Yes. :-(

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Oh Mary...this is such a tragic story...I can't imagine. I will be praying!

Lindsey's mom said...

I have never "met" you or Carrie but please pass on to her my deepest sympathies and even my email. I am so sorry. I know this pain. My DD died of a brain bleed after an emergency craniotomy. She had a headache and we went to the ER. She had a massive stroke soon after. I was so distraught for such a long time because I did not call 911. It has taken me 3 years to start being able to "forgive". My heart is breaking. I would like to offer my email to you and Carrie if you ever need to just "talk". I know we have never met, so I hope you don't find this strange. Pics of my late daughter are on my blog. God Bless you and Please email me updates.
Kathy T

Mary said...

Thank you so much for your offer. I will definitely pass your contact info on to Carrie. I will also give Carrie your blog addy.
Thanks so much.

Lindsey's mom said...

Oh You are welcome
I just remember be "lost". The first months are a blur. I just sat and stared..forgeting to even feed my then 3 yr old son. There is also a national group called compassionate friends that I attended. There is more than likely a chapter near Carrie.

Tammie said...


My heart is bleeding for Carrie. I can't imagine losing a child. It just isn't the natural order of things.

May she find peace in the blessing that the memories of MJ will bring.

Carol and Taylor said...

good lord, what a nightmare. I hope the family can someday dig their way out from their pain and grief, and take comfort in the fact that their daughter was a happy, dearly loved little girl. How they'll do that, though, I haven't a clue.

may God grant them peace.

In deepest sympathy,

Carol and Taylor