Saturday, October 11, 2008

Memories...A Cautionary Tale

WAY back when...when we first began our 1st adoption, one of our fellow DTCers (Oct/Nov2004DTC) began his own site to host families adoption journeys. We were Red Thread Kids' very first client. Larry did a FANTASTIC job with hosting and uploading to our site for both of our adoptions, but the time had come for Larry to shut down the site. While he had planned to keep Red Thread Kids going until the Summer of 2009, he decided that he must instead 'bump up' the shut down. Larry had contacted the many families, but evidently he must have had our old email address and not our new email address, so I had no idea the two adoption journies to our precious girls were about to be DELETED!

You can imagine my shock and panic when one day I went to our site (looking to verify some dates regarding LOI, PA, TA, etc.) and found our site GONE. I nearly had a heart attack. I quickly emailed our webmaster, Larry, and thankfully he was online at that moment and was able to calm my fears with the fact that he had all of our info on his computer.


Larry promised to snail mail me a disc, and as promised our disc arrived today. I haven't yet loaded it, but just to have it in my hands makes me breathe a huge sigh of relief!

My point to everyone in this is to please make sure to back-up your blogs/journal entries, particularly those you post while IN CHINA and adopting your precious children. Had all of my thoughts, fears and emotions been forever lost I would have literally been sick to my stomach. Thankfully that is not the case and we now have those incredible memories on CD.

Thank you, Larry, for hosting our site for 4 years, and for keeping our information and then making sure that it all got to me! :-)



Kristin said...

I heard via someone else that Larry was needing to shut down his site. So we got Abby's CD also. Wish we had done the same for Anna Grace but we didn't.

So glad he was able to still recover your information!!!

Candy said...

I'm so happy everything turned out well. I can't imagine losing those precious memories. We have our Journey on DVD too. I now have to find out how to back-up my blog.

Vivian M said...

That is very good advice. We actually printed ours out and I scrap booked it into Kerri's lifebook (whihc I am still trying to finish all these years later!).
I think there are also sites that turn your blog into a book too.
I am so glad that your travel journal was not lost!!

Tammie said...

So glad to hear that Larry was able to recover all of Olivia & Sophie's info! I can only imagine how your stomach must have been in your throat.

Great advice for people chasing right now.