Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Photos From Our First Moments In Chongqing

A few photos from our first moments in Chongqing:

Kim (blurred a bit) and Livie as we await retrieving our luggage at the airport in Chongqing.

Livie and Aimee in the Hotel in Chongqing (while Aimee phones home to her Daddy and Siblings!)

Livie and her new friend, Rachel, at Breakfast in Chongqing

Kim and Aimee at breakfast

Nothing like drinking your yogurt through a straw (Chinese yogurt is very thin in its consistancy)

Livie on the first of many bus rides over the next week+


Carrie said...

what great pic's!

Vivian M said...

How is Livie doing now that she is back? Does she talk or ask about Hong?

Tammie said...

I must say that Livie looks so "comfortable" & totally without stress. Of course it helps that mom was around to do it all for her!

Kim & Aimee look wonderful too. BUT, where are the pics of Mary???

Margaret Miracle said...

I am remembering our days in Chongquing as I follow your journey. Enjoy!