Friday, August 15, 2008

I Got Tickets!

Yes, I am excited...SUPER EXCITED! Neil and I are going to see SCC and Michael W. Smith in Concert here in Ft. Lauderdale on November 5th. It looks like we have very good seats (Orchestra Section), which is always an added bonus.
Like so many in the adoption community, the seed to adopt was first planted upon Neil's heart after he watched SCC's DVD. SCC spoke about the impact that adopting (they only had Shoaey at home at this point) had had on their family. I don't know why adopting never entered my thoughts. I suppose I thought that those who adopted chose to do so because they either had struggled with infertility or they were these amazing, super-parents who adopt children because they are, well, amazing (think: incredible foster parents who go on to adopt 10, 15, etc. children). Well, we had given birth to two incredible kids, and we certainly weren't anything like the 'amazing super-parents' who I imagined adopting, so why in the world would I ever think that WE could or should adopt?
On this DVD SCC didn't speak about infertility or being super-parents. He spoke about kids and how we, as Christians, could make a lasting and wonderful difference in the life of a child. Neil 'got it' immediately. It took me a bit longer (no surprise here!). Of course, having now adopted twice and being able to look back on our adoption journies, I can tell you that yes, Livie and Sophie do now have a family of their very own, but MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY, they are truly the ones who have made a lasting and wonderful difference in OUR lives.
So, on November 5th Neil and I will enjoy a wonderful "Date Night" together and get to watch SCC (and Michael W. him, too!). Maybe this is just our little way of thanking the man who, without even knowing us, was instrumental in our being blessed with two wonderful little girls!


Tammie said...

Enjoy the concert!

Teresa =) said...

Mary -

I am SO jealous. I have been a fan of both of these awesome Christian musicians for YEARS! Watching that video of SCC and his wife being interviewed (thank you for linking it) was heart-wrenching. People at work keep telling me how amazing I am for working on a second, they just don't get how lucky WE are that we get to raise these awesome kids! Of all the decisions I've made in my life, adopting was -- hands down -- one of the best!!

My tickets to the So You Think You Can Dance tour suddenly don't seem like such a prize...

Teresa =)

Carrie said...

oh man I would love to see this one- to bad you live so far from me I could use a night out without the kids first week of homeschooling 3 of them what a triple whammy!