Monday, August 11, 2008


What do you do with two little girls who are sick with colds and stuck at home?
Give them a mani/pedi, of course! Livie and I realized that this marks the first time that Sophie has had her nails painted. True to form Livie chose the light sheer pink while Little Miss Firecracker, Sophie, chose the hot pink. :-)



Tammie said...

And they are just the right age to really enjoy being pampered! True girls!

Kristin said...

Poor babies. I hope they start feeling better soon. My girls love nail polish times! In fact, Anna Grace just spent some birthday money on new polish. :-)

Candy said...

That is just too cute! I love it.

Carol and Taylor said...

What is it about baby feet, that make you just want to kiss them...polished or not? Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely keep it in mind for the next time we're stuck home sick. Hope you all feel better soon.

We5Chois said...

My girls love painting their nails too. Hansen would join it, but I have to draw a line somewhere.

I just love seeing those little piggies all painted and polished. We miss you guys so much.

Feel better soon.