Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Last Days of Summer

The last few days of Summer time have come to an end. School was supposed to resume on Monday, but due to an appearance by Tropical Storm Fay, the 1st day of school was delayed. Knowing that the following day would provide nothing but wind and rain, Chris, Livie and Sophie spent much of the day playing outside. Yes, that is my 10 year old son wedged into Livie and Sophie's Disney Princess car! No, he is not embarrassed to be seen *driving* it...strange child! I must say that even with a fairly large gap in ages, they all play together wonderfully - no arguing or tattling. Meanwhile, Lindsay spent the day in her *cave* watching old movies...something she enjoys immensely.
Livie pretending to be the Police Officer that stops Chris for speeding. Livie has the 'bossy stance' down perfectly. I guess Sophie is coming in for 'back up'! I'm not sure what the speed limit is in our driveway, but evidently Chris has exceeded it!

Trying her hand on her 'big girl bike'. She typically gives up on this pretty quickly and returns to the tricycle. Yes, I know they are supposed to be wearing helmets. Bad mommy...the helmets are in the garage protecting, well, nothing!

Easy Rider

Racing around 'the track'.

Whoooaaaaaaa!!! Yes, Chris really IS standing up in the car, trying to *surf*! I caught him doing this and immediately declared playtime over. Gee whiz, what are they, kids or something?!


Now Tropical Storm Fay begins to show herself:

1st day of the storm coming...coloring indoors.

Oh, that boy again...playing football (tossing all about in the middle of the living room while I shout, "Knock that off!").

Reading a book.

A little ice cream is good when you are bored.

Hey, what else can I do with this jump rope since I really can't jump rope?! Oh, I think I will make different shapes out of it! Can you guess which one this is (she really did do this all on her own, btw!).

Livie with her interpretation of the above shape. Hmmmmm.....a Picasso in the making, perhaps?!

Yup, good 'ol mom puts another *coat* of black hair dye on my baby's blond (and curly...at least it is before she takes the flat iron to it!) hair in preparation for the 1st day of school. Just picking and choosing my battles. Besides, she looks beautiful no matter what the color of her hair! :-)

No sleeping-in tomorrow (boo-hoo!). We will be up early and on the road by 6:45 am. And so another school year begins...



Tammie said...

Looks as if the kids had fun these last few days.

No surprise to me that Chris wants in on Livie & Sophie's car. What guy doesn't dream about a set of wheels from birth on? Of course it's a good thing that Officer Livie was there to enforce the rules of the road.

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

ROFL...love this post!!
BTW, the "cave" was also the term I used for Justin's room when he lived at home. Great minds think alike ;)

We5Chois said...

Hey Mary,
I just love reading your blog. You never fail to crack me up. Who knew that Chris would be the one to play with the Princess Car - too funny. I am glad that Livie is keeping him in check. She has a lot of work on her hands between Chris and Sophie, they will definitely keep her busy.
I don't know how you bear having a teenager, I would die with the black hair, but you are right to pick your battles. She does look gorgeous no matter what she does.
Good luck with the first day of school. I can't wait to read all about it.

Carrie said...

I love her hair-
your kids look so cute playing!
I hate this rain!