Wednesday, August 6, 2008

SCC Interviews

Neil and I watched the taped interview this morning that SCC, his wife and three older children gave to Robin Roberts on Good Morning America. Their kids spoke with a maturity beyond their years. SCC and Mary Beth were amazingly open. As a mom myself I was moved to tears when MB spoke about just simply "want[ing] Maria back." You can watch the entire interview here. Please continue to hold this family in your prayers.
Steven Curtis Chapman is scheduled to appear on Larry King Live at 9 pm, Thursday (on CNN). You can see the details here.
SCC and Michael W. Smith will appear here in South Florida in concert on November 5th. Neil and I are planning on going. I am sure it will be an amazing and inspirational concert.


Jenny & Robert said...

Mary I agree. I broke down in tears too after Mary Beth said how she just wanted Maria back. And the Larry King Live interview last night was something I could've watched for another hour had there been one. The kids are simply amazing and so well spoken.
Jenny G.

Carrie said...

Thank you for sharing need tissues now!