Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kreuers Update

MJ & Carrie

Carrie (in the middle of the night, the other night) emailed an update. I am choosing not to copy/paste it, but to basically give the highlights (orlowlights, in this case) out of respect to Carrie and her family. Basically, the past week+ has been h*ll for the Kreuer family. MJ's viewing was on Friday, and she was to be buried today. Carrie knows that MJ is in Heaven, but she is struggling deeply with her grief (quite understandable). Carrie mentioned that Friday would be extremely difficult, but that today would be the last time that she would ever be able to touch her daughter. She is understandably in a state of great grief. Carrie is specifially asking for prayers for her daughter, Mya, who is 8 years old and was not only MJ's sister, but her BFF as well. The Kreuer's Church has set up a fund to help the Kreuer's with the many, many expenses which were incurred in the attempt to save MJ's life (life-flight, out-ot-network hospital, etc). If you so feel led, the details of where to give to help this family may be found ather dear friend's website:
Above all else, please continue to keep this family in your prayers.


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Vivian M said...

Mary, thanks for that update. I saw Carrie's post and cried my eyes out.