Monday, March 2, 2009

CCAI Family On Extreme Home Makeover - And Sad News

The Kadzis Family

One of our China Adoptive families (parents to 6 Special NeedsChildren from China), and a CCAI family, received the gift of a gorgeous new home courtesy of Extreme Home Edition and many Tallahassee sponsors and families. While the show will not be aired until April 26th, the family 'moved that bus!' this past Friday. Unfortunately, the husband/dad had been battling brain cancer, and passed away early this morning. According to my parents, this has "been a big deal" and "quite exciting" there in Tallahassee. The mom is evidently a teacher and the dad had been a dentist in the prison system. Please pray for this family as they grieve during this very difficult time.


Kristin said...

Oh Mary. Thanks for posting this. I heard about this family on the CCAI site but haven't been keeping up.

Will definitely keep them in our prayers.

Margaret M said...

Thanks for letting us know Mary. Bless their hearts!! We will definitely keep them in our prayers.

Candy said...

This is wonderful, yet so sad.