Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Week Of Smiles & A Week Of Tears

A Week Of Tears:

I finally decided the time has come for Sophie to be potty trained. Well, actually I tried this a couple of months ago, right after her birthday and the Holidays, but we could never seem to get past the concept of using the potty. So this past week I try again. How difficult should this be? After all she is 3 years old (turned 3 in December), and is as smart as a whip (whoaaa...sorry about sounding like my 72 year old father as a whip...oh, goodness!).

So, I pull out the potty and discuss with Sophie using the potty if she feels "like pee pee is coming." She seems to grasp the concept, and after all, this shouldn't be all too foreign an idea to her since she always seems to join ME in the potty (privacy goes out the window once you become a mom!).

Hour 1: Nothing.

Hour 2: Zip.

Hour 3: Zilch

Hour 4: Nada.

Neil then decides to take the kiddos to the bookstore. Ah-ha! My golden opportunity! All of the kids are told to go potty before they leave (we even make Lindsay and Chris go into their bathrooms in order to demonstrate this to Sophie...Olivia we know MUST go before we get in the car to go anywhere!).

Sophie promptly runs into her bedroom and emerges with a DIAPER! She is telling me, "Mom, can you put a diaper on me?"

No.I.Won't. Sit on the potty and go pee-pee, Sophie. I see that my little, sweet, darling Princess is now showing me her big, fat attitude. Scary. And loud. And lots of tears and snot. Yes, snot.

And yes, I held firm to her going potty (remember, it had been HOURS since she had last gone) if she wanted to go to the bookstore. And yes, she held firm to her NOT going potty.
The battle has begun. I hope I am strong enough to take on 21 pounds of 'tude!

A Week Of Smiles:
Olivia got a new 'big girl booster seat'. She was so excited since her new seat is just like her friend, Aimee's, car seat! And she remembered from when we were in Shanghai visiting Aimee and her family that Aimee can BUCKLE HERSELF in her car seat - something Olivia couldn't do in her old booster seat.
She is so happy. So proud. And I must admit I am lovin' it too! Now I only have once kiddo to buckle into a car seat! Happy mommy!

I can do this!


Alright, Mom...can you turn on the DVD player now?


Kristin said...

Best of luck with the potty training! Katie fought me tooth and nail until I finally gave up.

What kind of booster seat did you get? My girls are still in the toddler 5-point harness seats. I don't think they are big enough to move over to a booster yet but the thought is intriguing!

Jolene said...

good luck mary.......i have 30 lbs of tuide here

Mary said...

Kristin- I actually wanted the clek olli (, which I believe is the only booster seat for older kids (40-50" and/or 40-100 lbs.) that has the coveted latch system, BUT, at $89 I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Thus, I saw the Cosco Ambassador ( at Walmart, went online and read the reviews, and then picked one up for a mere $18! Livie loves it because she can buckle herself 'like a big girl', and she also likes having her *own* drink holder attached to her seat. :o) I like it because it is small, lightweight, does the job and the prices was very, very nice! Just for reference, Livie is now about 42 lbs. and very tall, as you can tell from the photo (at 5 years old she is the height of the 7 year olds in our FCC group), and this Cosco seat fits her perfectly.

We5Chois said...

Hey Olivia,

Congratulations on your new booster seat? You look so cool and so big. I love the big cup holder - mine doesn't have a big one like that.

I miss you lots,but we talk about you all the time. Can't wait to see you again. Mum says you can leave your mum behind next time...

Your Booster Buddy Aimee oxoxox

PS: I know what it is like having a little sister with a big attitude. Hang in there!

Teresa =) said...

Mary --

Your post just confirmed to me why I'm oh so happy to adopt 4 year olds...potty training is already handled!!

Teresa =)

Lori Lynn said...

One day at a time, huh?

Nice booster seat. My girls are almost ready for one.

Lori Lynn

Tammie said...

I feel for you on the potty training. Erin totally resisted until she was 3 1/2 years old. She just wasn't ready for it. She'd go on the potty every once in a while successfully but still held to the pullups. However, once she decided to train, she did it very quickly. Pee pee was easy. The other? Not so easy. That took a longer time. Rest assured that Sophie won't start kindergarten in diapers. I promise.

Livvie looks so darn proud of herself in her new booster seat! She's really starting to come out of her shell.

Jill said...

Hey there...stay strong with the potty training! WHEW! That can be HARD work!

I just love Olivia's charming smile sitting in her new seat!

Vivian M said...

Oh good luck, I hear you. Kerri is four and we are still struggling. It does get better though, but accidents still happen.

Congrats on the big girl booster seat! Wow, your babies are all growing up way too fast.

Denise said...

Oh, poor little Sophie. Too stubborn for her own good. Are you sure that she and Emma aren't sisters?

AZMom said...

Good luck with the potty training...maybe bribe her with pretty undies?

What a big girl Olivia is!!