Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Boom Boom And Out Go The Lights & Sophie Sillyness

Yes, I am still here. Yes, I have been a naughty blogger. And yes, I will explain why...just not now...maybe in a day or two (I am still catching my breath).

Now on to 'what has been happening' -- I will attempt to catch up over a blog post or two -- or three. Well, you get the idea!

The week before Easter I took The Littles to a lovely Japanese Garden in Delray Beach called Morikami Gardens. Our sole purpose was The Littles - dressed in 'their Chinese best - and my Nikon camera. My friend Jolene met us there with her younger daughter, Emma. Jolene owns a China Adoption-inspired web store called China Patterns, and she came with us to snap photos of some GORGEOUS outfits which she will be adding to her store. We got some GREAT photos...of Emma! The Littles were...ummm...how do you say...a pain in the &#$%#@!!! I took over 250 photos, and if I have more than 5 that are half-way decent I will immediately drop to my knees in thankfulness to my Lord! I will be taking the memory card thingy to CVS tomorrow in order to download all of my mediocre photos of The Littles to a disc. I will also download all of the DYNAMITE photos of Emma -- who let me just say KNOWS how to work the camera!

Why do I tell you this, you wonder? Well, how many times have you made an appointment to have your child/children photographed only to have them get a bug bite on their cheek or to scratch their nose? Thankfully our 'injury' occured conveniently 2 days after our *photo session*. Who was injured, you may wonder (of course, you will only wonder this if you don't actually KNOW my Littles!)? Well, it was Livie, naturally. Yes, poor Livie was attempting to get off of a little ride-on toy in our living room when -- BAM!!!!!!!! -- she fell on our marble floors (note: if you are on Facebook with me then you already know just how much I HATE my marble floors!). That wouldn't be so bad except that due to some medical issues Livie has very, very little anticipatory behavior. Most folks begin to fall and hold their hands out to 'catch' themselves. But Livie, due to her special needs, can not do this. Hence, she literally catches herself with HER FACE. This time it was her chin:

Livie's chin immediately swelled up (which is good), while I began to freak out. Now I am not typically one to freak out, since I am certainly not a neurotic parent...I am more of a negligent parent...LOL! At any rate, her chin really, really shot out with immediate swelling and bruising. Livie cried like crazy, and then calmed down - bag of frozen peas placed against her chin. Her bruising was wicked...and yet, in typically Livie fashion, the bruise itself was actually in the shape of a HEART!!! Go figure!

All the while Sophie, our resident "Princess", was playing quietly with Mr/Mrs Potato Head. Here she is modeling the pirate hook and princess hat...slightly confused, I would say!

And here is Sophie modeling the latest in Botox...the Mrs. Potato Head Botox line! LOL Sophie is already blessed in the 'full lip' department, so the fact that she felt the need to *add on to her lips* cracks me up!


Candy said...

Wow, poor Livie. I'm sure that hurt. I hope she heals quickly. She's still a cutie pie.

I love the lips on Sophie. She is too cute.

Carrie said...

Sorry so late looking at this- We had the same things with MJ falling- but the OT was working on that so hard! Hugs to Livie- I hope it is looking better now!