Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jagged Little Pill

So, where have I been, you may wonder? Why have I abandoned my sweet little blog?

Well, pull up a chair and let me fill you in:

When I was preparing to go to China last November I made sure to pack along some Xanax, since I AM the definition of a scared flyer. One bump and all the the blood drains from my face...I begin to search anxiously for a flight attendant, and when I see one I try desperately to read their minds...what are they thinking...are they SCARED...what is going on?!?!?!

You get the picture.

Sadly, I blame all of this on my father, a career F-4 Navigator and Helicopter Pilot in the USMC. When we were little and traveling he would always make us sit in the the very last row on a plane. You know the row - the seats that won't recline more an 1/2 inch since you are right in front of the outhouse bathroom. If my memory is correct I recall him telling us on every flight we ever took at least once, "If this plane goes down we are the only ones who have a CHANCE of surviving!"

Oh, goody.

So now I hate to fly.

But I do it because I am too lazy to drive more than 8 hours or swim the across the ocean to get to China.

So I have mother's little helper much needed medicine in case of even the slightest, most tiny bump severe turbulence. Since I knew I didn't need to take an entire bottle of these wonder pills, I opted to place about 8 or so in my Synthroid bottle. Although they are almost the exact same size and shape, they are differenct colors so I knew which is which.

Last week I began to run low on my synthroid, and thought I really needed to call in a refill, which I finally got around to on Friday. Unfortunately, I took my last synthroid pill (this is a medication that helps regulate your thyroid, and since I had Grave's Disease and underwent two rounds of nuclear medicine, I know do not have any thyroid at all, thus, I am very dependent on my synthroid medicine to keep my thyroid level balanced) on Friday and then did not get by the pharmacy until Monday to pick up my prescription. Two days with no synthroid medicine had left me feeling like a sloth. I could barely think. I felt so weird. Actually I had been feeling stranger and stranger all week long - well before I ran out of my medicine.

When I got home I immediately popped the two pills I had missed. I then proceeded to go to my medicine cabinet to replace the empty synthroid bottle with the new bottle. What is this? There are 7 pills in my synthroid bottle. I don't understand...I took the LAST PILL on Friday?

Wait a second. Where is that bottle with the Xanax pills?


IT IS EMPTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup. I hadn't had ANY synthroid in 9 days. I suppose the good news is that since I had been popping a Xanax every morning for 7 days I really didn't freak out worry about it!

Now I am back to my old self.

Taking my synthroid every morning.

The effects of this are that I have regained my cognitive abilities and energy. Unfortunately, I am now freaking out about everything!

So mom is back. Now I need to access all that has gone on in my home in the past week+!



Jolene said...

so glad your back...but I do know you did not care last week...LOL

Nicole said...

Oh dear!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you are ok and back in the land of the living!!!

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

OMG, you crazy woman...what the TRUCK is wrong with you?!? I think we need an intervention..ROFL!!!

Mary said...

Yeah...but I was feeling soooo goodddddddddddd (psychedelic music playing in the background!)! Now I am fine thyroid-wise, but everything else is questionable. ;o)

Tammie said...

Oh my! You are NUTS Mary!

FIRST: Never mix medications in the same bottle. (I need to follow that rule myself.)

SECOND: Never forget the actual synthroid.

All of the women in my family have diagnosed thyroid problems - except for me for some reason. I can't imagine any of them forgetting to take that magic pill because I know that life is difficult without it.

Glad you're back on track. No falling off the wagon again young lady!

Vivian M said...

Oh goodness Mary! I once mistook my Vicodin for my cholesterol medicine. So I know what you mean.
Thank heavens you are back to your old self and none the worse for wear!
As for your family, just tell them it was that time of the month if they ask ;o)

We5Chois said...

You are hysterical! I once looked up to you with such awe, but I am so glad to know you are just as nutty as the rest of us - well me, at least.

Welcome to the looney bin, my friend!
Seriously, take care of yourself and be careful with those meds.
Hugs and welcome back.

Carrie said...

Oh My Word that is so freaking funny!