Sunday, July 27, 2008

Simple Pleasures - Bathtime!

Nothing smells better than a little one fresh out of the bath, slathered down with a yummy smelling lotion, and in fresh jammies! I love bath time with my kids, and having two 'older' kids who would likely scream their heads off if I entered the bath while they were using it, I know all too well that simple precious moments like 'bath time' are fleeting.
This is truly on of those simple pleasures of being a parent.

Sophie laying on her bed and being dried off my the 'do!

Livie fresh and clean and ready to have her hair combed and teeth brushed.



Vivian M said...

I agree with you....Kerri still lets both of us bathe and dry her, but I know the day will come soon when she starts asking for more privacy. Just one more reminder how quickly our kids grow up!

Tammie said...

Nuthin' sweeter than a clean sweetie!

Candy said...

Too Cute! I have to agree. Nothing like the smell of a clean baby (little girl).

Carrie said...

I hate bath time-it is not fun around here- one screaming from one end of the house and the other end and the middle for soap or a towel or help-I am glad when it is over! I have three bathrooms and the are all going at once! Now when I give The littlest one a bath-he is all boy and it is like a rock and roll concert in there-I almost need a wet suit for myself!

Margaret Miracle said...

I agree. I love this simple pleasure!

Duchess of Lanier said...

Such cuties! Hi from Mariner! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

Teresa =) said...

I totally agree!! Some people see bathing kids as a's my absolute favorite part of the day! Carson knows that when Daddy does bath time, he has to come directly to me after his jammies are on so I can smell his clean hair. That is THE BEST!!!

Adorable pics of the girls!

Teresa =)

Alyson & Ford said...

I just finished giving our grand-daughter # 2 a bath. Great fun and she loves it! Can't wait to have my new daughter slashing around in the tub!

Your daughters are cuties!

Alyson LID 01/27/06

a Tonggu Momma said...

There is NOTHING sweeter than a little one fresh from her bath, asking a billion questions to try to stretch the bedtime routine.

Wait - please tell me that happens at your house, too! I don't want to be the only one.