Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today is mine and Neil's 17th Wedding Anniversary! Wow! How time flies by so quickly. We were fresh out of college in 1991 (graduated in 1990) and only 23 (me) and 22 (Neil) on the day of our wedding. God takes care of fools and babies, and Lord knows we were both!
In 17 years we have lived in 6 different states (which included 10 different addresses!).
We have given birth to two children (Lindsay, age 14, was born in Virginia and Chris, age 10, was born in Georgia), and we have adopted two children from China (Livie, age 4, from Chongqing and Sophie, age 2, from Hubei).
We have had 5 dogs (two of which went on to Doggie Heaven), one Hampster and an untold number fish.
We've made many friends, watched loved one battle serious illnesses, some of who even lost their battles.
We have laughed every day.
We became Christians.
It has been a WONDERFUL 17 years together!

The Radisson Hotel, Tallahassee, Florida

July 6, 1991

The location of our wedding and reception.

I bought Neil clothes for our anniversay. I know it sounds lame, but if you know Neil you know that this is the PERFECT gift for him! LOL Neil bought me the most GORGEOUS Swarovski Panda Bracelet for our special day. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Evidently, in order to buy this bracelet, you must join the Swarovski Crystal Society. Of course, he joined (joining also got him...errrr...ME!...a really cute Bamboo Window Crystal), and apparently his joining will in some way benefit the Pandas in China (obviously I haven't read all of the Membership Information!). At any rate, this Panda collection is only available until November, so I am super happy he was so organized and thought ahead. I just LOVE it!

And now we are off to enjoy a dinner in NO in NO HIGH CHAIRS! Of course we will likely spend a good portion of dinner talking about our children. Isn't that what always happens?!?!



Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

C&A said...

Or sitting next to a unhappy kid-I hope not, It always happens to us-Happy Anniversary-it will be 10 years for us in Jan-whooo-Hooo. I wanted to do something fun but I think I may be busy paying to go back to China?

Candy said...

Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary with many, many more to come.

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Happy Anniversary dear friends!! We hope that your special day was as wonderful as you both are.


Vivian M said...

And just where are the wedding photos? I would love to see a picture of the two of you back then!
I hope you had a romantic and wonderful dinner, and a very happy anniversary. And many more!!!

Kristin said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Our 19th is tomrorrow. We were married July 8, 1989 right after I graduated from college so our lives are pretty similar, aren't they??

Unfortunately, we are not heading out to eat alone. Alex has guitar lessons right after dinner and Katie has a yearbook meeting. So no teens to help babysit!!

I hope you had a great and QUIET dinner!


Tammie said...

Happy Anniversary!! May you enjoy many more years of love & friendship!