Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Stork Travels to South Florida

We have had LOTS and LOTS of happy news in our FCC-South Florida group! After a huge 'pregnant pause' in referrals and children coming home, we have several families who have GROWN! Click on each Mommy & Daddy's name to be taken to their blogs/websites).

Congratulations to Rafael & Ilyne who recently returned with their oh-so handsome 5 year old son, Benjamin!

Congratulations to Brian & Lisa (website password: panda) who recently (due to having pursued a concurrent domestic adoption while they await their referral from China) welcomed home their ADORABLE NEWBORN SON (gosh, I forgot that a true 'newborn' is that little! LOL), David!

Congratulations to Mark & Brenda who are waiting to travel to China for their PRECIOUS wee-one, Mae-Li!

Congratulations to Mike & Sandy who are waiting to travel to VietNam for their absolutely BEAUTIFUL daughter, Hannah!

We are so very happy for each of you...your children are all simply gorgeous!


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Vivian M said...

Congratulations to everyone!!!