Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Still Cleaning out the Closets

Well, I made it through one more box of Kim's stuff! I have taken all of the photos, and loaded it all up to my site on eBay, so if you are interested in taking a peek at what was in this week's box, head on over and take a look!
I must admit that helping Kim to clean out her over-stuffed closets (yes, I am throwing her under the bus, here and letting everyone know about Kim's love for all things Chinese/Adoption inspired and her ability to SHOP!!!) has been fun. I never know what Asian/Panda/Ladybug item will be in the next box I open. Probably the only drawback is that I am developing a small pile of stuff for myself! Yikes!


Vivian M said...

Already bidding!! Yay!!!

Vivian M said...

Update: Kerri received her Ladybug Nurses kit today and she is loving it! She has her hat on and all her baby dolls lined up awaiting treatment!
Thanks for making our little girl very happy today!