Saturday, November 8, 2008

Food & Wine Festival...Without The 'Whine'!

This event actually took place last Sunday afternoon, but the pictures were on Neil's camera and I kept forgetting to get them from him. It was a WONDERFUL Food & Wine Festival hosted by The Grape Merchant. The Festival took place at this cool little enclave of shops very near our house. We left the kiddos at home (nothing beats having a babysitter in the family!) and headed out for an afternoon of great wines and foods from various Restaurants in the area. Three blocks were completely blocked off to make room for wine and food sampling. While we feared it would rain, the clouds stayed at bay and between the cloud cover and the wind it was cool and comfortable all day.

At this festival there were even a few retail vendors with booths set up. In probably a Twilight Zone moment I found that I could get my eyebrows waxed and indulge in a paraffin treatment all for FREE! So, there we are...about 20 - 30 women at any given time, and in what I am sure is a direct result of 'too much wine sampling' there was a steady stream of men receiving waxing treatments for everything from their eyebrows to the INSIDE OF THEIR NOSES! Ewwwwww!!! Neil just couldn't believe what he was seeing, and I think he was a bit disappointed in the lack of testosterone in his fellow man! LOL Truly bizarre, but hey, I was happy to lay on some table under a tent in the middle of a street and let some lady wax my brows for free!

Mary & Neil

The Band

Enjoying a Paraffin Treatment...wish they would have done my feet, too!

Neil With One of the Wine Samplers


Kristin said...

Sounds like a fun afternoon! I haven't done a wine tasting day since being in Germany years ago. Wish we lived closer to you because I'd go next year!!

Vivian M said...

What fun! We tried wine tasting with my parents once, and Mom and I are both lightweights so after two sips we were drunk!