Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting All Caught Up


First of all, I apologize for the lengthy delay in my posts, but an amazing miracle has happened and I felt more comfortable waiting until I had left Fuling to post about all that has occurred.

In order to get everyone 'all caught up' on Livie and my adventure, I have posted photos of each day, but will likely keep the text short in order to *get to the important stuff*!

Thanksgiving Day had us in a bus bound back up the mountain to the New Fuling SWI for a Dedication Ceremony. We found out that staff had worked throughout the entire night preparing for this ceremony. There was to be TWO HOURS of speeches, but after several adoptive families reminded The Powers That Be that a large portion of their audience was under the age of 7, the program was revamped to just an hour of speeches.

The gate to the New Fuling SWI

The last bus arriving

Keeping out the locals :-(

Me and my Livie

Vice Director Chen (left) & Director Yang (right)...not sure who the guy in the middle is.

The Big Wigs: Officials from the CCAA, BLAS, Department of Civil Affairs, and the SWI

Director Yang and Tony (from BLAS, who translated)

My Livie!

Aimee plays with her Leap Frog under the 'protection' of her jacket!

FKI mom, Kathlene, delivers a speech on behalf of Fuling Families

Livie opens a gift from the SWI

It's a Chinese Dictionary, which will helpful once she is fluent in Mandarin! LOL

A photo from my perspective of the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The Release of 45 Pink Balloons

Fulinger, Ya Ya (from Sweden) performs a dance.

An *older* boy from the SWI sings Mama Hao

This cracked me up...bags of formula are used to raise the potted plants!

Wall of photos of families who attended the Homecoming Celebration

Our families photo

Walking down the pathway leaving the New SWI

Playing on the playground

Rachael, Aimee & Livie enjoy their Thanksgiving Dinner of 'Turkey' (which I am sure came by way of a Pig!) and rice.

View of the Yangtze River from the SWI

Our Police Escort for the week

Livie & I at the SWI w/the Yangtze River in the background



Trish said...

What an incredible journey you and Livie are on. Hopefully Izzy and I will share this kind of journey together in the future.

Carrie said...

wow what a great way to have a Thanksgiving with the girls! thanks for sharing!

John's Arts & Crafts said...

Great photos & captions! thanks for sharing them.

Vivian M said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I am loving the pictures.

Candy said...

Your trip is incredible. What a wonderful experience for Livie.

Tammie said...

I've so missed your posts Mary & am happy to see that you're back. The new SWI looks great. I loved the wall of family pics.