Monday, November 10, 2008

What A Weekend!

Our 'weekend' began on Thursday morning when, upon arriving home after having dropped The Bigs off at school, Livie tells me, "Mom, I think Sophie spilled her apple juice." Well, Sophie had been beginning to show the tell tale signs of an impending cold, and so when she woke up unusually early that morning I had put her on the couch with a movie and her blanket. Upon a closer examination I was utterly grossed out saddened to see that Sophie had actually vomited all over herself (and my lovely leather couch, I might add!) and had proceeded to fall back asleep WHILE LAYING IN IT!!! Can a get a collective "EWWWWWWW!!!!"?!?! So, I clean up the puke icky stuff and proceeded to clean up poor Sophie, who at this point is now sporting a nice fever as well. Poor little Sophie laid on the couch for the next two days.

Sick Sophie

Livie is hanging out with Little Miss Sicky after bathtime.

The Littles
On Saturday Chris' team, the Chargers, had a Flag Football game. They are currently undefeated and won this last game 43-6. Go Chargers! Neil is the Head Coach, but on this day Neil had to hand off his coaching duties to two other dads, as he headed out early with Lindsay and Livie to our friends', Mike & Laura son's Bar Mitzvah. The plan was for me, Sophie and Chris to come to the Bar Mitzvah after Chris' game (with Mike's blessing, I might add!).

Chris Chris' game.

Sophie waiting for Chris' game to finish.

Finally meeting up with the rest of our family...Lindsay & Livie!

Ice Cream...yummy!

This is what happens when one of The Bigs decides she does not want her picture taken!


The other Big, Chris, takes a cue from his big sister, Lindsay, and decides not to cooperate. Ugh!

Neil with our friends, Chad & Elaine
After the Bar Mitzvah we headed home for some rest before our NEXT big party! Our friends and neighbors, Lynn and Billy, host the most AMAZING Fall Festival every year, and every year this festival gets bigger and better! As usual they completely outdid themselves. While we live in VERY populated and crowded South Florida, our home is actually located in an 'off the beaten track' area of 1 - 2 acre homesites with families who own horses (and we even have two cows and several chickens on our street! LOL). This provides the PERFECT place for a Fall Festival that includes two carnival rides, a GIANT maze and hay rides! Unfortunately, Sophie, who was feeling better, had lovingly passed on her germs to her daddy, who eneded up stuck back at home in bed. :-( Sorry Neil...maybe next year!

Fall Festival dinner South Florida style -- with yummy Cuban food!

Chris - in the bounce house/maze.

The Bigs and The Littles on one of the Carnival Rides.

Lynn & Billy's youngest daughter, Chandler, with her cousin (and fellow FCC-South Florida member, Olivea Friedman!).

FCC-South Florida member, Laura Friedman, is a dynamite clown for her sister's shin-dig!

Olivea shares her Clifford with Sophie (who clearly was distraught over the fact that she could not KEEP Clifford!).

Olivea, Sophie and my Olivia (aka Livie). Isn't Olivea absolutely GORGEOUS?!?!?!
A good night's sleep, and then Church in the AM...a bit of rest and then it was off to West Palm Beach to celebrate my nephew, Luke's, 2nd Birthday!

Luke gets busy playing at My Gym.

Livie and Sophie

Luke blows out the candles with help from his mommy, Mary (yes, my SIL and I have the same name!).



Kristin said...

What a super weekend!!! You had lots more fun than we did!

Poor Sophie and poor daddy. Not a fun illness to have. :-(

Oh, and I am so with you on the pictures with the big kids. Katie is usually somewhat cooperative depending on her mood. Alex? Nope, never!

Mary said...

I tell my Bigs that people will not believe I actually HAVE BIGS or that they will think I am only consummed with The Littles if they (the Bigs) don't agree to being photographed. You would THINK that would *work*, but alas, they couldn't care less! This must be the "Pre-Teen/Teen Plot to Ruin Parents". I knew it...I knew it would eventually come to this! LOL ;-)

Candy said...

Busy Weekend. I hope Sophie & Neil are feeling better and that nobody else catches it.

Vivian M said...

Wow you all have been busy! Hope everyone is feeling better!

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

your weekends look like my weekend...whew!!!

Love the pics of the bigs (kinda) and littles. Poor Sophie and Neil...oh and thanks for TMI!! eeewwwww!

Trish said...

What a busy weekend! Love the pics of the kids. The littles look like they are doing well, except of course for the vomit but there will be more of that before they are grown. Both the Bigs and littles are growing up fast.

Val said...

Don't you just love that fabric (China Dolls series)?? Our girls also have outfits with that print. :o)