Saturday, May 24, 2008

Goodbye Maria

Today was the funeral for Maria. I can not even fathom having to say goodbye to one of my children. I remember when my uncle died how my Grandmother (who at that point had lost two children to cancer...but both were adults at the time of their deaths) said, "No parent should ever have to bury their child."
How does one say goodbye to their 5 year old child? I just don't have any answers for this one. Neil said they will be able to do this because of their great faith in the Lord. I feel as though I have tremendous faith in God, and yet I find myself at a loss...full of the loss the Chapman family is experiencing at this moment. I think of Maria. Abandoned as an infant. Diagnosed with a heart condition, and yet ultimately adopted by the Chapman family. She has known the love of her family for about 4 years, and then due to a complete and total freak accident this 5 year old's life is gone.
And then there is her brother. Oh my goodness. What anguish this young man must be experiencing.
And I can't help myself but to ask, WHY?
A family who has done so much for adoption...China Adoption now going through complete and utter turmoil. It just all seems so terribly cruel.
OK. So I don't profess to have any answers to this as I continue to wrestle with this whole thing myself. BUT...I can give you the blog site set up to leave encouraging messages for the Chapman family! If you are so inclined, please leave them a positive message via this link. I am sure that they will treasure and be drawing upon these messages in the coming months.
Neil and I are continuing to lift up the Chapman's in prayer. May the Lord give you tremendous comfort and peace during this incredibly difficult time.


Vivian M said...

I hold Kerri just a little tighter every day. Thank you for sharing the link.

Ladyblog said...

I feel the same way..........

Margaret Miracle said...

I have thought about and prayed for them all weekend. It is just so heartbreaking.