Sunday, May 11, 2008


Happy Mother's Day to all moms! Whether you are a Biological Mom, an Adoptive Mom, an Expectant Mom, a Waiting Mom or a Foster Mom, we all know that it only takes three, sweet little letters to identify us: MOM!

I am the mom to four wonderful kids. I am lucky beyond belief, and blessed by God for the privilege of raising these four precious souls. Of course, being a mom has also heightened my sense of humor!

Our plan for the day was to all enjoy breakfast, go to Church, and then Neil would take the children to see a movie while I enjoyed a day at the Mall. Well, you know what happens when you make plans! Sophie began getting sick on Wednesday, and is now very sick with a cold complete with a wicked bark/cough. Thus, the plan is that since Sophie is SUCH a mommy's girl I will stay home her and Neil will go to Church with the other kiddos. They will come home after Church and spend a quiet day at home while I will take off for a few hours of shopping that will NOT include Gymboree, The Children's Place, The Disney Store, or any Children's Department in any store! After my fully adult shopping time at the Mall, I will return home to enjoy a wonderful dinner prepared by my loving husband and children (hope they keep Little Miss Sicky away from the kitchen!).

Now we will see how these new 'plans' play out! Have a wonderful day, Moms!



Sandy said...

Hi Mary,

Tammie said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

It sounds like the family has made a perfect plan - even if sweet Sophie is staying with you rather than attending church. I do, however, have one question. If you're not shopping at Gymboree, The Children's Place, Old Navy, or some such store, where will you go!? (It's obviously been a while since I shopped for anyone other than Erin.)

JShannon said...

Congrats on the blog ! I have been wondering about you guys since your redthread blog has not been updated.

Vivian M said...

Mary, have a wonderful Mother's Day!! And hope Sophie gets better real soon.

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Welcome to Blogistan lady!! Hope that your Mama's day was awesome and that your peanut is feeling better.


Michelle said...

Hey Mary!

Hope you had a wonderful Mommy's Day!

Yay on starting to blog!! : )