Thursday, May 22, 2008

Playing in a Tent

Years ago our son, Chris, received a neat American-Indian-style tent from my mom. He loved it and clocked many hours of imaginary play in that thing. For the past several years this tent has sat unused in our garage. Livie asked to 'build a tent' to play in, which is code for, "Mom, Sophie and I want to drag out all of our blankets and the kitchen chairs and take said blankets and cover tables, etc. with them and then play 'tent'. We will tire of this game in less than 15 minutes leaving the kitchen, family room, playroom a total disaster with only a few moments to spare until Dad comes home." But, alas...I am now ON TO YOU SLY LITTLE PEOPLE AND I KNOW THE GAMES YOU ARE PLAYING! Ahhhh-haaaa! Viola....introducing "The Tent!"

I popped that baby up in mere minutes and was instantly declared a wonder mom by those under 4 feet tall. Pour some Cheez-Itz in a bowl and I am ready for Sainthood. These two kids played for hours...and I mean their new tent! Calgon, take me away!
At any rate, the girls had a BLAST, and I do not believe I will ever tire of watching them playing together. Before returning to China to adopt Sophie, my hope and prayer was that Livie and Sophie would be more than sisters...that they would become dear friends. I am so happy to say that my prayers have been answered as these two are thick-as-thieves and the very best of friends!


Candy said...

Okay, I think I looked at your blog last night and didn't see any updates, and now there's so many. It's so nice to see Livie & Sophie playing together in the tent. They look so happy together. Congratulations to Chris! Sorry Livie was so upset at his school and glad she recovered so quickly at iHOP.

Vivian M said...

Kerri loves tents! She makes them out of blankets and tables and chairs. That tent looks cool!

Tammie said...

As I read your blog, I can literally hear you speaking. I always find it amazing when I can hear the writer's voice speaking to me. Anyway. . .

Tents are great things. Just ask Erin. The Choi Clan gave Erin one for her 5th birthday, & it lives in my dining room. The perpetual inhabitant is the 5 foot Pink Bunny. Erin will go into her tent when she needs breathing space from either the animals or the parents.

Doesn't every house need a tent?