Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I was planning on posting some photos of our 'little girls', but something awful has happened.

In early 2004 Neil bought a Stephen Curtis Chapman Live DVD. He loved it. He watched it many times. One day he asked me to watch this one particular part of the DVD. It was SCC's performance of 'When Love Takes You In'. SCC spoke about the amazing impact that adoption had had on their family's life. Neil was clearly moved, and in such a way I had not seen before.

Over the next few weeks Neil brought up this DVD and China adoption. I said, "Yes, Neil, you are right...that SCC is such a great guy! Good for them!" You see, Neil and I were DONE having children, and we had taken permanent measures to assure us of this! Finally, Neil told me what was on his heart, and simply asked that I pray about it. He said that if God didn't make adoption a desire of my heart, then he would never bring it up again. Well, it is a long story (aren't they all?!), but suffice as to say that adopting from China DID become a desire of my heart, and in April of 2004 we began our Paperchase for Livie. In fact, if we hadn't followed the example of Stephen Curtis Chapman and his wife, Mary Beth Chapman, we wouldn't have two of the most precious little girls asleep in their our our LIVES. Because of their example our family has grown from two little blessings to four little blessings. Though we have never met, I thank them for helping us to see what we were missing in our lives, and for helping us to find our two precious little girls in China.

Tonight due to a horrible freak accident the Chapman family lost their youngest daughter, Maria. She was only 5 years old...perhaps just a few months older than our Livie.
Tonight our thoughts and prayers are with the Chapman family. May God bring you comfort in your time of grief and sadness.



Carrie&Aaron said...

our prayers are with them!

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Mary: Wow; I never knew this story. I have been struggling greatly with sadness about this turn of events.

Marc and I are very moved by your story.

Huge hugs,

Tammie said...

Actually, I think you had told me this story at one of our get togethers. It is such a beautiful story.

My heart aches so for the entire family. It is my hope that their son is able to learn how to deal with this. No matter which faith we celebrate, it is an exremely important aspect of life. I hope his faith helps bring him through this tragedy.