Friday, May 16, 2008

Map Of Orphanages Affected By The Earthquake

To see a better view (larger version) of this map which details the many SWI's/CWI's in China which were affected by the recent earthquake click here.
Livie's SWI (Fuling SWI, Chongqing) is somewhat SouthEast from the quake's epicenter. What I know now is that seemingly Livie's SWI did not sustain damage, but the new SWI which is currently being built (and is near completion) did in fact sustain some structural damage. The good news is that apparently no one at either the current SWI or the one under construction were injured.
Sophie is from the Xiaonan SWI in Xiaogan, Hubei (SouthEast of Fuling), and I do not believe they suffered any damage whatsoever. Praise God!

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