Thursday, May 22, 2008

Too Much for Livie

A big *party* proves way too much for our Princess. Too many people. Too busy. And WAY TOO LOUD. Too much *chaos*. Poor Livie has a meltdown. Shame on me. I did not fully prepare Livie for the day's events as I should have. I KNOW Livie. I KNOW how she will react. I plead insanity/4 kids on this one. I will say (bragging here, I know...just trying to dig myself out of the ditch I put myself in!) that once we left and headed for IHOP she was feeling/doing MUCH better! :-)



Vivian M said...

Kerri is like this too. We have to prepare her for everything and ease her into new situations. She has to be the first one there. It's part of her sensory issues.
Happy belated birthday Livie!

Carol said...

Hi Mary,

He he he (laughing WITH you NOT at you!). I always say its not a true party, til somebody has a meltdown!

I'm always amazed at all of our girls' inidividual quirks... and how those quirks change on a daily basis! I'm starting to find that T also gets slightly overwhelmed in crowds.

Love the photos from IHOP. Your daughters are beautiful.

Kind regards,

Carol and Taylor in Miami

Tammie said...

Poor sweet Livvie. Erin is like that herself. To this day I have to prepare her for days beforehand that there will be noise & plenty of people around. She's just now getting to the point where she is able to let us know that she's had enough.